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Set timer minutes or meditate for ∞ time.


Timer notifies when done but continues to keep time so that you can carry on the meditation if you wish.

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The Flower

If you achieve your daily goal of mindfulness minutes, a petal is added to the flower.

If not, a petal drops off. 8 continuous days of meditation and you have a full blossomed flower, and a lively aura :)

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Statistic include current streak and data for last 8 days such as sessions, average time and total time.

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Mindfulness minutes

The app allows you to save meditation time as mindfulness minutes to the Health app.

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Save meditation without timer

If you happen to do a meditation, or attend some guided meditation session, you can save the meditation minutes using the add button.


They show daily mindfulness minutes directly on watch face and are a quick way to launch the app.

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