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Our apps

Health and Fitness
Simple, Swift & Beautiful workout timer + counter
Health and Fitness
A yoga app for the practice of Sun Salutations / Surya Namaskar
EatHealthy Tracker
Health and Fitness
Keep track of your healthy, unhealthy and very unhealthy days.
Health and Fitness
A very simple interval timer engineered for Apple Watch
Health and Fitness
Simple meditation timer and tracker crafted for Apple Watch
Work/Break productivity timer designed for Apple Watch
Health and Fitness
7 minute workouts app designed for Apple Watch

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Meditation Timer done right for Apple Watch

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Are calorie based diet tracking apps complex?

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Vision: Make a difference in lives of people by improving their quality of life in terms of health, fitness, productivity and happiness.

Mission: Craft apps and experiences which are beautiful, engaging, intuitive and useful.

With the intention of building the right product based on market research and customer feedback coupled with our skills, experience and the magic potion of ♥, we are excited to craft app awesomeness.

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