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Main Screen

Simple setup

Interval haptic and bell sounds

Ambient background music

Daily progress and the Mandala


Meditation Progress Circle

Track extra time

Play music from music app during meditation

Background 2

The Mandala

Background 2

If you achieve your daily goal of mindful minutes, a Mandala starts blooming.

Mandala resets if the streak is broken.

Various Mandalas

From 1 Mindful Minute daily to 60 Mindful Minutes, from 7 days to 21 days there are various Mandalas.

Background 2

Mindful Minutes

Meditate using this app or any other app!

Mindful minutes are synced with the Health app.

Log Meditation

Easily log mindful minutes upto 7 days using the context menu.

If you are on a silence no-device meditation program, you can log your meditations later.


Mandala and daily progress right on your Apple Watch face.

Weekly Summary

Every Monday, get a summary of last week's mindful time.

The app shows the trend over last week and recommends a "Smart Goal" to guide you on your meditation journey.

Progress Updates

Notifications that help you reach your daily mindful minutes goal.


+ Relevant Siri Shortcuts on the Siri watch face

+ Ask Siri to start meditation by saying "Start a 10 minute meditation with Meditate app".

Background 2


Set daily, weekday and weekend reminders for meditation.


Statistics include current streak and data such as sessions, average time and total time.

Background 2

Accessibility -VoiceOver

The app, complications and notifications support VoiceOver accessibility for visually impaired users.

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