Frequently Asked Questions

What is iCountTimer?

iCountTimer is a workout timer and counter combined together.


Counter counts the repetitions for you.


With the timer you can set the work/rest or high/low intervals for your workouts.

How to enter values?

There are 2 ways to enter the values:

  1. Slide in the values using the bottom slider
  2. Enter custom values using the keypad

How to save a preset?

To save current timer/counter as preset, tap the "+" button above the start button, enter the name and save it.

Also, make sure you select the appropriate 'Activity Type' from the left bottom.

How to change the theme?

To change the theme, tap and hold the settings icon on the main screen.

How estimate calories works?

Active calories are calculated using the MET(Metabolic Equivalent) for various activities, the relative effort (light, moderate, vigorous) and the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) of the individual.

To estimate BMR which is used in the calorie estimation equation, iCountTimer uses the weight, height, date of birth and gender information.

The date of birth is used to calculate age of the user which is required to estimate the active calories.

How Health app integration works? (for iOS)

When Health app is connected with iCountTimer, the activity data such as active time of workout, activity type, estimated calories for the workout (if enabled) gets saved to the Health app.

How Google Fit integration works? (for Android)

When Google Fit is connected with iCountTimer, the activity data such as active time of workout, activity type, expended calories (active + inactive calories) for the workout get saved to Google Fit.

What is a high/low timer compared to work/rest timer?

In Work/Rest timer mode, work implies the workout time and rest is the rest time.

In High/Low timer mode, high implies "High Intensity" while low is the "Low Intensity" interval.

The type of timer mode affects how fitness data is saved in Health app for iOS / Google Fit for Android (if enabled). For Work/Rest timer, only the work time is saved. For High/Low timer, high as well as low intensity time is considered.

What is smart lock?

'Smart lock' locks the timer screen and protects from accidental touches.

To enable smart lock, tap and hold the center of timer screen when the timer is running.

Preferences Help

You can get the information of a particular setting by tapping on the preference name.

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