iCountTimer for iPhone and Apple Watch

Simple. Sleek. Powerful.

iCountTimer for Android

It's the most versatile fitness timer ever made!

Releasing on May 3

Also available on the Amazon App Store

★ 2nd Prize Winner of the Google Fit Developer Challenge 2015

And it has grown more powerful since then...

Timer + Counter

We all know how powerful a timer can prove to be during exercise. Here we have a beautiful timer and counter combined together tailored specifically for workouts.

Timer with work/rest or high intensity/low intensity periods.

Counter which counts the repetitions for you so that you concentrate on your moves. Start 1..2..3..

Timer plus Counter
Android Wear app

Presets from the handheld app are available for you on watch organized by activities

Your favorite workouts just two taps away

Quickly relax and stretch with a 3 minute yoga break from your work or start an on-the-go-workout right from your Apple Watch

Supports ambient mode which saves battery.

Android Wear app

Easily save your favourite timers/counters as presets organized by activities


"As a coach, the best. Best timer ever...I speak as a coach who has used both iOS and Android and this timer is easiest way to set up interval training ever."
Todd Parker

Simple setup

Slide in the values or enter values as easy as 245 for 2:45.

Beautiful Display

Large display with properly chosen colors - warm color for work and cool green color for rest.

The progress bar gives the % progress of workout. The circular ring gives you a visual sense for how much time has passed and how much is left.

Google Fit integration

Connect to the Google Fit and your workout data, such as active time, calories expended, get saved to the Google Fit.

You can view it using the Google Fit app or visit google.com/fit

For any non-fitness activity, you can choose ‘Non-fitness’ from the activity picker and the time won’t get saved to Google Fit.

This is a screenshot from Google Fit app with activity data from iCountTimer

(Note: iCountTimer from Amazon App Store doesn't support Google Fit integration.)

Estimate Calories

Enable active calories estimate and get to know how many active calories you would burn for the workout*

Active calories are the calories burned during the active period of the workout

Note: The estimated active calories are the approximate Calories burned for any selected activity based on the MET (Metabolic Equivalent) values for the activity and the personal details of the individual. The actual energy expenditure may vary from the estimate.

How Are Calories Burned Calculated?

Estimate Active Calories

“A very good app Been looking for something like this for a while, now I know how many sets of an exercise I've done without guessing, and I can concentrate on what I should be doing”
Mark Clews

Different Themes

Five different themes. Tap and hold the settings image to choose a theme of your choice

Various Themes
Audio Cues

Various alert sounds guiding you through the workout, customizable as per your choice

Start alert, rest alert, halfway alert, next round alert

Separate alerts for timer and counter

Supports audio ducking

Different Audio Cues

“Best and most versatile timer app I have used. If you mix up your workouts and need a flexible solution to keep time, reps and more - download this now!”
Eric Mullen

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