Meditating using Apple Watch

Meditation Timer done right for Apple Watch

Meditation is the art of letting go. Relaxation. So, how can you bind it in time?

People who have been meditating would agree with me that most of times they decide to meditate for 10 minutes and they end up with a beautiful 20 minutes of mindful experience.

If you have have set a timer for 10 minutes, it would go off and would disturb your meditation. The solution we came up with is a timer which notifies you in a subtle way using haptic feedback that the time you set has been completed but continues to keep time.

notification-apple-watchSo when you wake up after 20 minutes or may be 30 minutes, you can open the app and save the meditation session.


Also, since the app is integrated with the Health app, the meditation time is saved as mindful minutes in the Health app. Tracking and history made easy.

There are many guided meditation apps out there for beginners as well others. But once you get good at meditating, you will notice you can just “let go, relax” and enter a blissful meditation state easily; be it office, home or a peaceful and lively sea shore or refreshing country side mountains filled with melodies of birds, breeze, water and animals. You start enjoying natural silence and prefer it over music or sounds.

Sometimes you even do not want to set a timer and just want to flow with the flow. Or maybe you attend a meditation session by a spiritual master such as Sri Sri. We have got you covered so that you can easily keep track of your meditation session. How? Just enter the approximate minutes you meditated and save it. That’s it.

It happens that we decide “I will meditate regularly for atleast 10 minutes” and first three days go good, we miss the day 4, start again on day 5 and skip two more days. And give up eventually. How can this be tackled. I think the best way is to go with “One day at a time”. How does the app helps you with this regards. The Stats screen.


The Stats screen shows you the streak of days and the history for last 8 days for mediation. And “The Flower” is a symbolic representation of your aura. More on this below. Experts say that as you meditate “regularly” you start seeing the benefits of meditation. Regular practice is needed. So, we came up with “The Flower” which would motivate you to keep meditating regularly.

The Flower:

With every daily meditation goal you achieve, a petal is added to the flower. 8 days of continuous meditation and you have a full bloomed flower and a positive aura. A day off and a petal drops off! The challenge is to maintain a full flower with 8 petals.

The meditation goal can be set in settings. We recommend starting with 10 minutes and later increasing it as per your preference.

One more thing. Since the app runs natively on Apple Watch, you can turn on the flight mode of iPhone during meditation. I personally do not like a phone call or message bothering me and I think you too 😀

Complication are really a big thing on Apple Watch. Lot of small but helpful informations on watch face. Meditate app provides complications which show the daily mindful minutes.


The Meditate (Watch) app has been released just now and is available worldwide on the App Store. Check it here.

We would love to hear your thoughts/feedback on this. Thanks!