Breaks at work for productivity and good health using Apple Watch

Staying focused during work time and taking breaks is a simple and proven technique to boost productivity, improve focus, get more done in less time.

Taking breaks whilst working or studying is also crucial in preventing RSI, eye-strain and tiredness, preventing back aches, wrist and neck problems, particularly if you work on a desk.

How many times we have noticed that we are so much busy with a task that we forget time and end up sitting 2+ hours on computer screen? Doing this continuously for couple of days is a guaranteed technique to get headaches, back aches, eye strain, neck and wrist problems.

We all know how important it is to take regular breaks during work to maintain a healthy body and mind. We have read it in blogs, magazines, social media posts etc. But, somehow we don’t follow it.

Apple Watch asks us to stand after 1 hour of sitting time. But, we have created something unique for Apple Watch particularly for work.

A simple Work / Break timer app to help you take breaks, focus on work, improve productivity and stay fit at work.

If you take recommended and required breaks during work hours and do things such as stretch, take a walk, stand up for at least 1 minute, you will automatically end up adding to the Stand hours in Apple Watch Activity app. Plus, many benefits listed above.

Setting work and break intervals should be easy. With Apple Watch, the digital crown makes it a breeze


Focus 100% on your work during work time.


A haptic notification taps you on your wrist when its time to take a break. You can relax, stretch, take a walk, climb staircase, meditate, breathe during the break. The purpose of break is to relax your mind and body and refresh you for the next work cycle.


As soon as the break time ends, you get a color coded work notification “Hey buddy, it’s time to get to work and focus 100%”.


During the work or break time, if you need to extend the interval, you can make use of “Extend time” functionality. Say, you feel that you need some more time to complete the task at hand, you can add +5 or +10 or +15 minutes to the work time.


Also, the app supports complications. They show the current work/break interval time so that you can get the details with a glance on the watch face. They are also a quick way to launch the app.


The WorkBreak Timer (Watch) app has been released just now and is available worldwide on the App Store. Check it here.

We would love to hear your thoughts/feedback on this. Thanks!