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Are calorie based diet tracking apps complex?

We were on a task of developing an app with a vision to “help people eat more healthy”

While most calorie based food tracking apps do help to achieve goals such as weight loss, etc, there are many people who find them complex and so they give up on food tracking. 

We came up with few personas. Are you one of them?

EatHealthy app persona - RomeoRomeo
31 M
Banker, overweight
• wants to develop a healthy eating habit and a healthy lifestyle
• has used many calorie based diet tracking apps

Q: Why did you stop using calorie based food tracking apps?
A: “They are complex. I did it for first week..entered 4 meals a day, but later I did not have time and found it to be very time consuming”


27 F
Software professional, active
• fitness enthusiast, knows what is healthy/unhealthy
• now and then, binges! Falls prey to cravings and regrets at the end of an unhealthy day..(probably a very unhealthy day)

Q: Jenna, do you track food?
A: “I used to, but found that I don’t need any more. It is too much detail and logging everyday!”

Q: Do you remember how many unhealthy day regrets you had last month?
A: “ dont’t..but I had a very unhealthy day last Sunday!”


45 F
Maths teacher, obese
• eats unhealthy now and then
• wants to develop a healthy eating lifestyle for a healthy future

Q: Why do you eat unhealthy?
A: “I don’t know. It just happens”

Q: Why don’t you use a calorie based food tracking app?
A: “Do you want me to keep on entering what I eat for each meal? 5-10 minutes just entering food that I ate!”

Q: Why don’t you try EatHealthy Tracker? Few seconds to log your day. With entry reminder notification and Force Touch, you can do it in a second.
A: “One second for logging?!”


We wanted  something which is simple and which will make people aware of their eating choices and push them towards eating more healthy.

This happens to everyone: If you have an unhealthy day, you regret and later you forget..just like Jenna above. What do you say?

So we came up with something as simple as this:

“At the end of the day, before sleeping, I will consciously recall my eating choices in the day and give a rating to the day: healthy vs unhealthy”

The conscious decision somehow pinches oneself, even if there is an ounce of regret for any unhealthy choice. And a delight if it was a healthy day.

This is what we came up with:

The first design:


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And the first version 1.0 launch today:


Hope you will find the app useful.

Check the app out here: EatHealthy Tracker

And do let us know what do you think 🙂